What's the KBL?

The Kids Breaking league was founded in 2017 by Victor “Kid Glyde” Alicea of the legendary Dynamic Rockers. The KBL is comprised of a community of certified coaches from dance programs across the tri-state area, who introduce the future generation to the history and culture of breaking.

Breaking is an artform that celebrates individuality. Kids develop their own style through dance, build confidence, and form life–long friendships.

The KBL has a schedule of events where crews and individuals can come together and show their skills in a positive and supportive environment. To encourage healthy competition and track a student’s progress, the KBL has developed a ranking system for individuals and crews, ultimately leading to the KBL championships. 

Sanctioned by UDEF and the Silverback Open, the goal of the Kids Breaking League is to expand across the country and give young breakers a platform to grow and compete on the next level.