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KBL SUMMER INTENSIVE 7/1-7/26 & 8/5-830


 Held at the new KBL Studios in Manhattan, members of the Dynamic Rockers Crew will have your kids moves on point!

We have 2 more weeks. Sign up soon before the summer is over!!! 

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Porto to NY Cultural Exchange

Flier promoting Jiggz's instruction time during the Porto to NY Cultural Exchange!

 Kids Breaking League


Porto 2 NY Cultural Exchange

Sponsored by Silverbackopen.com and sanctioned by MyUDEF.org

Momentum Crew is coming to NY with 6 of their elite students training at KBL Studios with the youth of NYC. During these two days some of NY's heavy hitters will share their knowledge and experience with the future of the breaking community.

So don't miss out on an opportunity to build with NYC's finest in this 2 day workshop!

August 22nd

9 am to 930 am: Warm up session

930 am to 1030 am: Kid Glyde (Dynamic Rockers)

1030 am to 11 am Cypher Exchanges

11 am to 12 pm NFMS (X Fenz)

12 pm to 1 pm Kwik Step (Full Circle Souljahs)

August 23rd

9 am to 930 am Warm up Session

930 am to 1030 am Kid Glyde (Dynamic Rockers)

1030 am to 11 am Cypher Exchange

11 am to 12 pm Meen 187

12 pm to 1 pm Jiggz (Supreme Beingz) 


Porto to NY Battle Invasion


 Dynamic Rockers and Kids Breaking League


Porto to NY Breaking Invasion

Sponsored by Silverbackopen.com and Sanctioned by MyUDEF.org

Momentum crew is coming to NYC with their students from MXM and have challenged the youth of NYC to an epic battle! It's going to be serious.

There will also be a

1v1 for $100 (All ages and levels)
Cap at 32

DJ:  Ruggz

Alexander the Great (Dynamic Rockers)
Max (Momentum Crew)
Deeogo ( Momentum Crew)

Exhibition Battle

KBL All stars (NYC)  vs MXM (Portugal)

HIt Squad (Kid Glyde and Pop) vs Momentum Crew (Max and Deeogo)


register at kblstudiosnyc@gmail.com

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